Datavac. OPOLAR Cordless Air Duster for Computer Cleaning, Replaces Compressed Spray Gas Cans, Rechargeable 6000mAH Battery, Powerful 33000 RPM, 10W Fast Charging, Handy and Efficient for Electronics by OPOLAR. Buy today with free delivery. i got this and i like it, I used this for a long time with my DSLR and now i use it for my pc too: 99 A good, useful air compressor is one that will get the job done whenever you need it. Xpower Airrow They were $60 at the time but even at $70+ I think they're totally worth it. Share Tweet Subscribe. It can also jam dust further in rather than removing it. The Metro DataVac ED500P is a powerful electric air duster that should be your go-to if you have expensive PC hardware that you want to keep clean. It's totally fine. Air Compressor for cleaning PC. Datavac. Seconded. I never had issues with compressed air. Of my several years in the "new" support questions of this sub and buildapc nobody has EVER claimed compressed air destroyed their PC. I used compressed air for most of my life and never had an issue. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 14. Best £40 I ever spent. Send your problems to Is it OK to use a vacuum cleaner to clean my PC? Details. It's pricey but pays for itself in time in saved air can purchases. Full Guide to Air Compressor Safety. However over the last few years I've been doing computer refurbishment for charity and bought a Hurricane airless canister. All the latest models and great deals on PC cleaning are on Currys with next day delivery. Messages: 19,502 Likes Received: 1,550 GPU: ROG Strix 1080 OC. Also a new paint brush works good. Lost all the accessories though lol. How to clean a PS4? Avatool Cordless Air Duster for Computer Clean, Air Keyboard Cleaner, 2-in-1 Dust Blower and Vacuum Cleaner, 6000mAh Battery, 40W Fast Charging, Powerful 36000 RPM, Replaces Compressed Air Can. Works perfectly and it doesn't need batteries or a powercord. My advice. Ideal for blasting the gunk out of your keyboard and devices, a can of compressed air comes in clutch more often than you might suspect. They last forever and are cheap from Amazon. There are some vacuum cleaner products that have two functions in one device. 4,126. You don't get the liquidy effect if you don't spray at an angle. Air Duster Ecomoist (400ml) x3, Excellent for Keyboards, Printers, Computer Components and Other Office Equipment, Laptop Cleaner, PC Cleaning Kit (Pack Set of 3) … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Here comes the use of compressed air. Compressed air comes in many forms and with different features, making any big cleaning project a breeze. Everyone uses it all the time but I don't feel comfortable spraying it on my PC. No its not truly safe. That works good. [This one is highly rated and has been sitting in my cart for a little while.] This wikiHow will teach you how to safely clean the inside of your computer. Computer Cleaning with Air Dusters, ... To get on the right track of a cleaner computer, start with Best Buy’s large selection of computer care and cleaning products. A wide variety of compressed air for cleaning pc options are available to you, such as local service … I personally moved to a datavac about 4 years ago and have never looked back. Air compressors aren’t designed for cleaning but it’s still common practice to clean the dust and debris from filters, machinery, workshop surfaces, clothes, and so forth, using compressed air. 00 3M CL600 Anti-Static Electronic Equipment Cleaner (10oz) 57 Portable air compressors are highly useful for avoiding a roadside emergency or being able to quickly pump up sports equipment, air mattresses, and inflatable toys on holidays with the family straight from your car. Mate, i clean my pc's using a 200 bar compressor. The model number for this compressor is DC080500, something to keep in mind when you search for it online. Cookies help us deliver our Services. CompuCleaner from Amazon. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Is there any airdusters that don’t give out liquid? Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Extraordinary, Apr 1, 2014. Cheaper alternative. The only downsides over compressed air is that it's louder and you need to be careful around fans.