Synonyms And Antonyms Meaning: Antonyms- An antonym is a word that is the opposite meaning of another word.Synonyms- Synonyms are words that are similar or have a related meaning to another word. She screamed back (i) mockingly. 5. Admit … What is the opposite of Quip? More 90 Hate antonyms. Synonym-Antonym Exercises: Antonyms Exercise Synonyms / Antonyms Worksheet Word-Definition Matching: Match the definition worksheet Vocabulary Definition Match 2 Match the definition exercise 3 Word-Definition Match 4 Vocabulary Match Worksheet 5 … Antonym examples: Admire – Detest; Bravery – Cowardice; Crooked – Straight; Dainty – Clumsy; Economise – Waste; To understand the concept of English Root Words candidates can visit the linked page. 0 Advertisement enjoy (antonym) To have the use or benefit of something. Synonyms for admire in Free Thesaurus. 29 antonyms for Quip (opposite of Quip). Click to see full answer Accordingly, what is the synonym and antonym of amazed? A quarter of all workers admit to taking time off when they are not ill. Chose the most appropriate antonym of the underlined words. Synonyms. Now that I am old, I admire kind people. 22 synonyms and near synonyms of admired from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 17 antonyms and near antonyms. A tough one to crack, and I suspect there will be several different nominations. We approve what is excellent, applaud heroic deeds, esteem the good, love our friends. The Poets who embrace and admire the people are often pelted with stones and crucified. Antonyms are used to express the opposite of a word. 1. Antonyms for admire: Hazing, dis-regards, hide out, lay aside, de-solating, pay no heed to, poking fun at, bearing malice toward, gave cold shoulder to, making one sick, dis … To regard with pleasure, wonder, and approval: admired the sculptures at the art museum. 6. a. Antonym is a word opposite in meaning to another word. Antonyms for admire. - part 6 Antonyms for smile include frown, scowl, grimace, lour, lower, moue, mow, pout, mischance and misfortune. Learn unit 10 antonyms with free interactive flashcards. But he kept calling (ii) plaintively, and after a minute or so, he (iii) uttered a (iv) joyful scream. We admire beauty in nature and art, delight in the innocent happiness of children, enjoy books or society, a walk or a dinner. Love, like, liking. 3. If you ask four-year-olds who they most admire, they are likely to list their mom, dad, and grandparents — or superheroes and comic book characters. Antonyms for rigidity Antonyms for (noun) rigidity Main entry: inflexibility, rigidity, rigidness Definition: the quality of being rigid and rigorously severe Antonyms for Respect (opposite of Respect). I admire you for it. Antonym search engine powered by WordHippo. Start studying Enhanced Vocabulary Set 1- Synonyms and Antonyms. Admit —— Deny. Synonym is the antonym of antonym. Another word for praise: acclaim, approve of, honour, cheer, admire | Collins English Thesaurus surprised. ♦ Antonym Unit – 1 His First Flight. is the web's best resource for English synonyms, antonyms, and definitions. 2. Full list of antonyms for Hate is here. Antonyms Multiple Choice Questions Exercises 1. Insensitive b. Thoughtful c. Caring d. Compassionate 2. Synonyms for admirer in Free Thesaurus. If the eye do no admire, the heart will not desire. Antonyms MCQ Questions and answers with easy and logical explanations.English Aptitude MCQ provides all type of competitive english mcq questions on Antonyms which is important for exams like Banking exams,IBPS,SCC,CAT,XAT,MAT etc. What are opposite words of Hate? Antonyms examples: I really admire your enthusiasm. An antonym is a word/phrase that means the opposite of another word or phrase. Choose from 500 different sets of unit 10 antonyms flashcards on Quizlet. Check the examples. 2. What is an Antonym? adjective. Extract from : ... An antonym is a word, adjective, verb or expression whose meaning is opposite to that of a word. 4. having the feeling that you get when something unexpected happens. 224+22 sentence examples: 1. A. relationship B. member and class C. synonym-antonym D. degree of intensity admire : exalt :: dislike : despise -is a synonym-antonym … The two men detested each other. mires 3. Synonyms: astounded, knocked out(p), astonished, out(p), stunned, stupefied, kayoed, astonied, dazed, stupid(p) Antonyms: unsurprised, not surprised.. Also, how do you describe being amazed? I 10. the soldiers were vigilant in guarding one area but in guarding another. Antonyms look down on Synonyms look up to Etymology envy (English) envie (Middle English (1100-1500)) envie (Old French (842-ca. Trending Searches ... admire (English) admirer (French) admiror (Latin) Featured Games 2. admire verb. In the old sense of wonder, admire is practically obsolete; the word now expresses a delight and approval, in which the element of wonder unconsciously mingles. Antonyms MCQ Questions and answers with easy and logical explanations.English Aptitude MCQ provides all type of competitive english mcq questions on Antonyms which is important for exams like Banking exams,IBPS,SCC,CAT,XAT,MAT etc. Find more opposite words at! ... admire enviously. 9. i admire an honest man, but i a cheat. What is the opposite of Respect? The department denies responsibility for what occurred. Another word for adore: love, honour, admire, worship, esteem | Collins English Thesaurus Use of synonyms and antonyms. questions 11–16: in each of the following sentences, select a more expressive word from the pair at the end of each sentence to replace the word get (or a form of it). 56 synonyms for admire: respect, value, prize, honoured, praise, appreciate, esteem, approve of, revere, venerate, big up, take your hat off to.... What are synonyms for admire? Page-3 section-9 0 0 admire (antonym) (Chiefly New England & Upper Southern US) To enjoy (something): 0 0 approve (antonym) To be favorable toward; think or declare to be good, satisfactory, etc. _____ is the antonym of “SYMPATHETIC”. If you hold someone in high esteem or look up to someone, you admire that person. 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