1) Go to the Undergraduate Catalog by clicking here. NOTICE: Degree and certificate requirements shall remain in effect for a maximum of seven years from the beginning of the first academic term covered by this catalog. When computing the GPA of a student who has repeated one or more courses, the college will count only the last grade received in the repeated course(s) and count hours attempted only once provided that the number of repeats in any single course does not exceed two (three attempts totaled). Additional requirements are made for continued enrollment in the Medical Assistant and Nursing programs. The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is not designed to transfer to baccalaureate programs; however, a general education component (15 - 17 core semester hours) is required. 2. Micro-credentials or industry certifications help you reclaim or advance your career in as little as six-months. Beginning with the second week of classes, and not later than the end of the 10th week of the semester, a student may officially withdraw from a course(s) and receive a “W” grade. Academic standing would only be recalculated in the event of a college error. Subscribed. The diploma and transcript will carry a seal bearing the designation “HONORS.”. Welcome to the Cleveland State University Catalog The Catalog is the official source of the university's academic programs, courses, policies, and procedures. Also, through study of humanities and/or fine arts, students will develop an understanding, which they otherwise would not have, of the present as informed by the past. These courses are identified by common course rubrics (prefixes) and numbers in all TBR institutions to facilitate transferability. The minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 applies to each degree awarded. NP (No pass) - Indicates a student did not earn credit. Study will focus on local, state, and federal law enforcement, judicial processes, corrections, and security services. The Distinguished Faculty Award is bestowed annually upon the instructor judged to reflect the highest standards of professional excellence in service. CPED 1010 & 1020—Cooperative Education I & II (3 credit hours each) Students work or volunteer in cooperative education placements related to their college major. Please enable Javascript for full functionality. To participate in the Honors College, a student must meet criteria as outlined below. BUSN 1305 Introduction to Business (3 hour credit), ECED 2365 Final Practicum (3 hour credit), ECED 2380 Language and Literacy (3 credit hour), GEN 1010 First Year Seminar (3 hour credit), HIST 2800 History Laboratory (1 hour credit), NRSG 1320 Women's Health and Child Bearing (3 hour credit), NRSG 1330 Pediatric Nursing (3 hour credit), NRSG 1340 Mental Health Nursing (3 hour credit), NRSG 1620 Medical Surgical Nursing (3 hour credit), NRSG 1710 Fundamentals of Nursing (3 hour credit), PSYC 1030 Introduction to Psychology (3 hour credit), PSYC 2130 Lifespan Development Psychology (3 hour credit), SRVL 1020 Service-Learning Project I (3 hour credit), SRVL 1100 Service-Learning Experience I (1 hour credit), SWRK 2010 Introduction to Social Work (3 hour credit), SWRK 2050 Crisis and Mental Health (3 hour credit), SWRK 2060 Family and Children's Services (3 hour credit), **For All Courses, see the Catalog for course descriptions, semester offerings, and pre-requisites.**. The Levin College of Urban Affairs maintains partnerships and degree completion programs with Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College, and Lorain County Community College. They are then assigned to a faculty advisor for the second half of their program. Effective with the 2001 - 2002 catalog, a grade of “A” or “B” will be assigned and will be computed in the QPA. Courses excluded from the calculation will not be reviewed or reconsidered should the student change majors following the application of the Academic Fresh Start. Academic Fresh Start does not guarantee financial aid eligibility. Welcome to the Online Service Center @ Cuyahoga Community College! Academic support services are available to assist students in the pursuit of their educational objectives. Advanced Technology Training … The Distinguished Graduate Award will be given at spring commencement ceremonies to the graduating student who has contributed most to the advancement and betterment of Cleveland State Community College. Other markings which may appear on the grade reports and transcripts are as follows: Academic Transcripts and Other Records. They demonstrate the skills and knowledge of the social and behavioral sciences to analyze their contemporary world. General education provides critical thinking skills for analysis to continue to seek truths, to discover answers to questions and to solve problems. A student who does not attain a 2.0 GPA for that term and is still below the cumulative standard shall be placed on a 12-month (three terms including summer) suspension. Dedicated to the success of working professionals and non-traditional studentsTop five reasons to take extension courses at Cleveland State University1Short-term! Those not seeking degrees at Cleveland State Community College will be classified as Non-degree Special Students. This GPA excludes all Learning Support coursework and transfer work applied 2001 fall and after. Designed to augment the coursework required for a degree, the core honors curriculum includes specially designed honors courses as well as honors-level sections and components of standard courses. The catalog is searchable using keywords for the categories: program, courses, other catalog content or entire catalog. Academic standing is not recalculated, even if grade changes are received, once the next semester begins. Metropolitan Campus 2900 Community College Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115 216-987-6000. P (Pass) - Indicates that the student has successfully completed a course. W (Withdrawn) - Indicates that a student has officially withdrawn with the approval of the advisor from a course or courses during the official withdrawal period as published in the Academic Calendar. The cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) in all college credit coursework completed at Cleveland State Community College must be at least 2.0 or higher. Demonstration of in-depth subject exploration in a chosen field; Leadership experience and exploration of leadership styles; Civic Scholars: FYS: Honors Colloquium, Leadership Development Studies, Honors Capstone, and at least 9 hours of honors general education courses. Grading System and Quality Point Calculation, Academic Probation and Retention Standards, COMM 2025 - Fundamentals of Communication, HON 2902 - Leadership Development Studies, HUM 2902 - Leadership Development Studies, BIOL 2010 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I, BIOL 2020 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II, PHYS 2020 - Non-calculus Based Physics II, ANTH 1230 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, PSYC 2130 - Lifespan Development Psychology, SRVL 1020 - Introduction to Service-Learning, Acalog™ Academic Catalog Management System™ (ACMS™). Any courses used for a previously awarded degree or certificate are not eligible for Academic Fresh Start. Refer to TBR Policy 2:03:01:01. They understand and practice the scientific and mathematical view of the world. Course Substitution forms are available on the student’s My Account Tab/Records Forms link via CougarNet. All learning support requirements must be satisfied prior to admission to the Honors College. Subject to the seven-year limit, students may choose to graduate under the provisions of the catalog in effect the year they entered Cleveland State Community College or under a later catalog in effect for any term they are enrolled. Academic Fresh Start may be awarded only once, and when granted, is irrevocable. 3) Once you are on the CLASS page scroll down till you find your major/minor then click on the link. The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences has articulation agreements with Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College, and Lorain Community College for those students who have completed or have been accepted to and intend to complete an associate degree in one of the eligible arts, humanities or social science programs. When a student re-enrolls at Cleveland State following a suspension, his/her status will be considered post-suspension probation. The following notices, regulations and rules govern the grading system, degree requirements, credit awards and miscellaneous academic matters. The honors courses are designed to challenge academically motivated students while introducing and reinforcing the experiential learning outcomes of the Honors College, which are: To receive the Honors designation on their diploma, a student must complete the required honors coursework designated by their honors track: All honors students must maintain a GPA of 3.25 or higher and meet their associate degree requirements at graduation. This status is recognized only once per semester and status is granted based on the GPA as of the finalization of grades. **For All Courses, see the Catalog for course descriptions, semester offerings, and pre-requisites. If a student repeats a course more than twice, the grade in the third and subsequent attempts shall be used in determining the GPA. Get involved in Service-Learning at Cleveland State and earn college credit while making a difference! The minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) required to achieve the associate degree or certificate is 2.0. This grade is not computed in the grade point average. The mobile site for this catalog is not available. As a fundamental element of the baccalaureate degree essential for full completion of all majors and minors, the general education core is included in lower-division courses; but universities may add general education courses at the upper division as well. The college offers programs of study that lead to the Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, and Associate of Applied Science degrees. This scientific understanding gained in these courses enhances students’ ability to define and solve problems, reason with an open mind, think critically and creatively, suspend judgment and make decisions that may have local or global significance. To register or find out more about each course, click on the title. All areas of emphasis would be noted on the transcript. The semester QPA is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points by the total number of quality hours (excluding withdrawals) attempted during the semester.