With Thanksgiving just around the corner, our friends at notjustbingo.com have given us some inspiration for planning a fun day of festivities for nursing home facility residents, who may not be able to visit with family and friends. So if you’re looking for some last-minute crafts to … Looking for an inventive and enjoyable way to spend your free time? These easy handmade crafts, including fall wreaths, Thanksgiving decorations, tabletop ideas, and more, can add a festive touch to your space both indoors and out. Many elderly people enjoy creating things with their hands. Check out our extensive list of crafts for seniors. On this board, find fun activities, recipes, and crafts for senior activities for the residents of your nursing home or assisted living facility. A popular option is to paint various gourds white, and then put a design or words on them. Save ×☆☯☮ ∞ ☮☯☆× Xhoel Bega ×☆☯☮ ∞ ☮☯☆× DIY {Candles} Seize the abundance of fall leaves and use them for as many DIY Thanksgiving crafts you can get your hands on. 7 Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living. What’s fall without lots of different leaf-themed crafts? Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving Pie Garland will inspire you. Discover (and save!) We've gone through all of our adult crafts and selected some easy crafts for seniors to make. Seniors who want to celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays can enjoy themselves with these seven activities. 2. Everything from fun Thanksgiving Rice Krispie Treats to Turkey cookies and apple pie cupcakes. A new season calls for a new look. Senior Care: Who’ll Help Your Parents With Doctor Visits? The fine motor skills and creative thinking involved in craft projects are ideal for seniors. Turkeys aren't just for kids, so browse these projects!<br /> <br /> Gobble, gobble! (For Thanksgiving, try “Lattice Give Thanks...”.) Posted in Thanksgiving Crafts Seniors. This is our second craft to involve an outdoor excursion, this time to collect short, narrow sticks. 1. Oct 15, 2019 - Provide fun, family-oriented activity ideas for your senior residents this Thanksgiving (November 26) with fun games and recipes. Crafts for Seniors. 1. Sharing stories of appreciation with family caregivers and doing fun holiday activities can prevent boredom in older adults and strengthen their relationships with others. Some Simple Thanksgiving-Themed Crafts. Doing Thanksgiving Crafts Sorting & Helping Activities. I mean, Halloween goes all out and the opportunities for projects are massive. These seasonal crafts are perfect for every age group, offering fun projects for both kids and adults. Plus you will actually have room to try more than one dessert! There will be some senior citizens who are ready and willing to try any craft, and there will be some that will hesitate … The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us. Crafting is one of the best ways to show your holiday spirit and add a festive touch to your surroundings. Sitting down to create thanksgiving crafts as part of such a widely celebrated holiday is not only for kids, but adults too. Please enable JavaScript to view this website. When time is scarce, it can be challenging to find fun holiday activities appropriate for seniors. Dec 14, 2012 - My mom made these Tootsie Pop turkeys for Thanksgiving, one for each place setting. Projects range from the simple to the relatively complex (which may require extra prep or helpers for your seniors) and use a wide variety of supplies that can be picked up fr She turns that interest to researching and exploring subjects helpful to seniors and their families for SeniorAdvisor.com. 99. Make the Thanksgiving holiday even better this upcoming year with DIY Thanksgiving crafts that double as decor. But after that there are only two short months until Christmas, so Thanksgiving only gets a … What an excellent way to make memories and bond as a family. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks – why not artfully display your thanks with this tree decoration made from a bundle of small branches, your most stylish Mason jar, paper tags, and ribbon. Add stenciled letters. Thanksgiving Crafts for Adults. When looking for senior craft projects, remember that their fingers may be a bit slower than they once were, so patience is the magic word. Let's take a look at how you can create artwork from scratch that screams Thanksgiving. Working to Ensure a Senior Loved One Receives Proper Care. 1. Attach jute rope to rim with hot-glue. These lovely, simple crafts can be used to decorate any surface or be hung around the house in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.