Ans: On his way to the fair, the child saw a flowering mustard field. He offered to buy him flowers. The child was watching a roundabout in the fair. He went towards the basket where the flowers lay heaped and half murmured, “I want that garland.” But he well knew his parents would refuse to buy him those flowers because they would say that they were cheap. The kind and understanding man who tried to console the little boy by offering him various things at the fair may have also asked him for some description of his parents and helped him to be reunited with them. The man took him e the flower-seller, balloon-seller, juggler and the joy-ride. Rasagull & burfi, jalebi.” His shop displayed a number of sweets. Q.3. Ans: The child’s mother drew his attention to the flowering mustard field to distract his mind from the toy seller. He tried to distract his attention by offering a ride on the roundabout and making him hear the music of the flute. Q35. 1. The music of the flute equally mesmerised both the snake and the boy. He turned to look for them but they were not there. The child finally pleaded with his parents to let him go on a ride on the roundabout. He might ha trampled if he had not shouted at his highest pitch. One little boy ran between his father’s legs, brimming over with life and laughter. What happened when the little child entered the grove? Think about it (Page 6) Question 1. Ans: The child sees toys, insects, worms, and flowers on his way to the fair. Ans: On realising that he had lost his parents, the child got confused. Ans. How did the child react when he saw a flower seller Share with your friends. The child suppressed his feelings and kept on moving. He had the heart that could feel the agony of a lost child. Q51. Why does he lag behind? The child went to the flower basket. Q.2. All the things that attracted him in the fair no longer appeal to him and now the only thing that matters is finding his parents. How did the child react when he saw a flower seller Share with your friends. A kind man in the shrine heard the child’s cry and lifted him in his arms. He ran all over looking for them. Sometimes he would stop by the toy shops while at other times he would start running after butterflies. They thought that it was coarse music. Q31. The child simply wailed inconsolably. Why did he not stay there? What are the things the child sees on his way to the fair? The child was attracted by the music and went towards him. Q.1. He failed in his attempt because the lost child had nothing in his mind except his parents. Feeling lonely and afraid, he cried inconsolably. Share 0 The child was attracted to the sweet smelling gulmohar flowers. He failed in his attempt because the lost child had nothing in his mind except his parents. The figure of the flower vendor formed a recurring theme in Rivera’s work, appearing both in his murals and in easel paintings like this one. Report Writing Samples : Sports Day Celebration, 19. All he wanted was to be united with them. He was selling Gulab-Jamun, Rasogulla and Burfi as well as Jalebi. So, without waiting for an answer, he moved on. They are ▸ Toys and Balloons ▸ Sweets from the sweetmeat seller ▸ Garland of gulmohar ▸ Watching the snake charmer play flute to a snake ▸ A ride in the roundabout The boy moved on without waiting for an Answer because he knew that his request would be denied at each step. How did the child react when there was no sign of his parents? When the child saw these sweets his mouth started watering. He is panic-stricken for being lost. So he did not insist on buying the toy.