Transport by water is equally important as transportation by road. Best connected airport: Schiphol Airport is awarded the best connected airport in Europe. Option Invest in Dutch real estate market such as buying a home. The government in the Netherlands is religionless. The Dutch golden visa is also a fastest golden visa scheme as INS immigration authority takes decisions within 10 working days. Religion is separated from the state. Golden Future is a well-known visa agent in Ahmedabad providing best services for Netherlands Schengen visa. EU citizenship after 5 years of living. Netherlands Immigration by Investment - Golden Visa Netherlands issues residence to investors under the “Foreign investor program” and Entrepreneur program for high value clients who want to immigrate and do business in Netherlands. This is enforced by our multilingual capabilities, >90% of the Dutch people speak English, so blending in the society is easy. High quality infrastructure and transportation: With a country the size of the Netherlands, you can reach any place in the country within around 2.5 hours by car or train. What is important, and plain as day, is that the investment immigration industry in Europe has grown immensely. The advantages of the Portugal Golden Visa include visa-free travel across the Schengen states, the right to live and work in Portugal, the ability to include each qualifying family member within the residence program, and the possibility to apply for Portuguese citizenship once you held your Golden Visa for at least five years. High quality infrastructure and transportation: Tulips originated from Turkey, but has been a Dutch tradition ever since the introduction in Holland. From €350,000 + costs Fast and reliable connectivity: high speed 4G internet coverage, fast broadband surfing and downloading speed and a reliable phone network are the norm in the Netherlands. The Netherlands offers high quality primary and secondary education as well as world-class university education. Investors get a D visa or long term residence permit valid for 2 years. Netherlands has an exciting golden visa scheme offering residency to foreign investors who are interested to live and invest in Netherlands. Visa Free movement in Schengen (German residence permit). As a Dutch Golden Visa holder, you will enjoy the same benefits as the Dutch citizens. Many who invest in property in Europe for golden visa do not live in the country and prefer to rent it out through Airbnb or tenants. Real Estate Since its inception in 2012, thousands of families have successfully relocated to Portugal ― the darling heart of Southwestern Europe ― and have started new lives. The residency visa is applicable for partner and dependent children. This is in the Dutch DNA and expressed by, for example: ​Ms. ! As a result, the Netherlands is consistently ranked within the top 3 of world's best public transit systems and best transportation systems. EU Schengen Zone Travel typical neighbourhood in the Netherlands: people like houses attached to each other, with a private garden in the back, and an open private garden in the front. European Residency Live, Work, Study in Europe, Belmont House, Belmont Road, Uxbridge, UB8 1HE. Excellent school system: Dutch school system ranks #3 in Europe and #8 in the world. An investment may be made in three ways for Portugal’s Golden Visa Program. Netherlands Golden Visa. No cure, no pay: If for some reason the Dutch Golden Visa application is unsuccessful, you will not have to invest your 1.25 million Euros. OrangeVisas is registered under Advising Anywhere BV under KVK number 73080985, ©2020 by OrangeVisas | All Rights Reserved, Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Sitemap. If your country is on the list of nationalities that do not require a Schengen visa then you can travel to the Netherlands without a visa and stay for up to 90 days (within a 180 day period). The Netherlands Golden Visa is suitable for those entrepreneurs who have the capital to make an investment in the country that complies with a few conditions. Apart from that, "freedom" is something that's in the blood of the Dutch and they are very welcoming to foreigners. Fast procedure: depending on paperwork required, the Dutch Golden visa can be finalised within 6 weeks. There is growing demand in moving to Portugal from Netherlands through Residence Visa. See below more advantages of having a Dutch Golden Visa and living in the Netherlands. Historically, the Dutch maintain contact with almost all countries over the world. Stable banks: The Netherlands is in top 5 countries with safest and most stable banks in the world. The health care system is one of the best in the world, as well as the education system. Environment is important for the Dutch. No need to visit: There's no need to visit the Netherlands during the application process. ​Air quality: the Netherlands invests heavily in keeping the big cities a healthy place to live; as a result, it's among the countries with the lowest air population in the world. The Kingdom of the Netherlands (also commonly referred to as: "Holland" or "the Netherlands") therefore recently also launched a Golden Visa program to offer citizenship after an investment of EUR 1 . Access to Dual citizenship. The ‘Golden Visa’ for foreign investors in the Netherlands 06 July 2016, by Dominique Coenen The Expat Management Group (EMG) is a dynamic international legal service provider specialized in corporate and private immigration to the Netherlands, offering a personal approach to its clients. Investment and Donation ​. Children can play on the streets: most streets are car-free or car-reduced, with a maximum speed of 15 km/h. It is directed to wealthy foreign nationals who want to acquire residency in a certain country by investing a substantial amount of money or by purchasing a property. Best Golden visa … A typical neighborhood in the Netherlands: people like houses attached to each other, with a private garden in the back, and an open private garden in the front. That means the freedom to live and work anywhere within the European Union. Why exactly is the Portugal Golden Visa so in-demand? 5. Also, there is good health care for people who are not feeling happy, to treat them for depression and fears. The Dutch government wants to attract HNW investors from outside the European Union to the Netherlands. ). Future for you family: If you or your family wants to make use of the high quality health care system, highly ranked education system, and more, you will be seen as a Dutch citizen when you hold a Dutch Golden Visa. Choose to live in the bigger cities such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam, or choose to live in more quiet area's where there's plenty of space, most of them are within a 30 minute car/train ride from the big cities. Real Estate investment European Golden Visa programs are currently in the highest demand. A golden visa is issued to foreign investors that invest € 1,25 million in a company in The Netherlands, or in a investment funds which is a member of the Dutch Association of Participation Funds, or in a SEED-funds. There is also a possibility of buying property for EUR 300,000and obtain residence in Waldniel, Germany. Netherlands Visa - Are you looking visa for the Netherlands? The investment must bring added value and benefits to the Dutch economy. Crime rate: The low employment, social benefits, high GDP, equal distribution of wealth, causes low crime rates. The Netherlands is considered a pretty, organised, clean and efficient country compared to most developing countries. First 3 years and then it can prolonged to another 2 years. A Golden Visa is a citizenship by investment or residency by investment program. Wealth in the country is fairly even distributed, making sure that, being a more wealthy individual, you don't have to fence yourself from lower income classes. Luxembourg has opened a new golden visa scheme offering full residency rights to foreigners and third country nationals to encourage significant investment in the country. 2% - which is one of the lowest in Europe. Rotterdam is a city that was bombed in WW2 and rebuild as a city full of modern architecture. Categories: Business Investment, Europe, Golden visa, Permanent Residency, Residency by investment. The best health care: the Netherlands has one of the best health care systems in the world and ranking #2 in Europe. Whether you’re looking for a brighter future or to establish a business footprint abroad, our experts can help you gain permanent residency or second citizenship fast and seamlessly. No minimum residency requirements 4. Invest €200,000 in a new Netherlands business and create 5 jobs. Don't forget the Netherlands are also famous for our revolutionary bike line system, making this country #1 biking capital of the world. European Citizenship The key requirement for any High Net Worth apllicant is that an investment of €1,250,000 needs to be made directly into a Dutch startup company or alternaively into a Dutch Venture Capital Fund, which will invest the fund’s money in multiple Dutch startups. As a Dutch Golden Visa holder you also enjoy guaranteed placement in the Dutch education system for your family, and when you hold a permanent residence visa, you are allowed to pay the same tuition fee as the Dutch: which is only ± 2000 euros a year, even for the top Dutch universities. Golden Visa and European Citizenship Some golden visa programmes lead to citizenship of the EU country. European Citizenship Freedom: The Netherlands is a free country where there's clear freedom of speech and freedom of press. Farid Azarkan is a muslim born in Morocco and is elected as Member of the House of Representatives in the government. Foreign investors can obtain a Dutch residence permit if they invest € 1,25 million in an Dutch innovative company or selected investment fund which will invest in companies in the Netherlands. Travel without visa requirements: A valid Dutch Golden Visa allows you to stay in all countries in the Schengen (EU) area. A Netherlands Caribbean visa is a multiple entry visa, which means you can leave and enter as many times as you want within that six-month frame. This is seen back by being in the top 5 world's countries with most freedom. In fact, 2019 was a record year, with various residence and citizenship programs bringing in €5.5 billion in the region. This is thanks to a mix of living in a wealthy country, political freedom, and having the ability to make your own decisions about your life (e.g. Also in the night. The popularity for this program was low in the first years, and hence in 2018 the Dutch government introduced a few pragmatic changes in the investment requirements. In 2013 The Netherlands introduced a “golden visa” for foreigners willing to invest € 1,25 million into a company in The Netherlands or in certain designated funds that themselves invest into Dutch companies. 14 May 2019 In October 2013 the ‘golden visa’ was introduced in the Netherlands. Real Estate investment The government invests hundreds of millions of Euros in "ecoducts", so that animals can cross highways safely. As a result, poverty, as seen in developing countries, does not exist in the Netherlands. There is growing demand in moving to Greece from Netherlands through Residence Visa. Apart from that, "freedom" is something that's in the blood of the Dutch and they are very welcoming to foreigners. After 5 years the visa becomes a Permanent Residence Permit or (after passing the language & culture test) a Dutch passport. Also, travelling to non-Schengen, (non-EU), countries will be easier. Many countries have reciprocal agreements with the Dutch government which allows their citizens to enter the Netherlands without a visa.. Excellent education and healthcare. What is the validity of Dutch residence permit? The most famous for it's flowers is park The Keukenhof. Mr. Aboutaleb, who is muslim and not born in the Netherlands, is the mayor of Rotterdam, the Netherlands' 2nd biggest city. In 2013, 19 prisons in the Netherlands closed because the country didn't have enough criminals to fill them. Discover the top Golden Visa, Investment Residency and Citizenship programs in the world (including Portugal, Spain, the UK, USA and Montenegro). The Golden Visa Portugal is one of the most popular residency-by-investment programs in the world. When you think of the Netherlands, you might think of canals and old houses, but there are also many modern districts. The Netherlands introduced a Golden Visa program in 2013 the aim of attracting venture capital funding into small business start ups. 1 powerful in the world 3. By building "aquaducts" both the boats and the cars do not have to wait for each other at the bridges. Greece Residency Visa – Real estate investment – for Dutch citizens A recommendation adopted on Tuesday by the European Parliament members urges the EU countries running golden visa and passport schemes to put them to an end.. The Netherlands is a rich country with a strong economy and a stable government that is merely corruption free. Immigrate to Germany with family The Greece Golden Visa Permanent Residence Programme is available to Netherlands citizens.