After that develop the above mentioned symptoms and wait until everyone hopelessly dies. Thank you a lot for your work, I followed the instructions and I was able to beat the game in 1548 days and the cure completion was below 50%. Plague Inc is the best PC games download website for fast and easy downloads on your favorite games. All was well until the cure started to be researched. Coma makes it hard to cure too. If you want to save DNA don't spend it on Enviro Hardening, you don't need it. Once all the countries are red, you must check each one to make sure everyone is infected. These videos will help you unlock the next levels and unlock the bonus levels for beating all of them on Brutal. hey i know how to make people die go to 2nd then go to in then the other to the brain but it worked then i saw 1 dead then more dead. Only after the whole world is infected are you instructed to then go back and one by one, work backwards to devolve said abilities. The Plague Inc neurax worm, can enslave the whole of humanity to do your bidding. Every time I have done so, it has simply been a waste of DNA points and I have lost. This "Plague Inc." walkthrough includes everything you need to win one of the more difficult levels of the game. All rights reserved. I’ve been stuck on fungus for a year now lol using similar tactics, I was able to breeze by the next few levels too so glad to be getting to more fun diseases to play with, Xbox player here, I don’t have the when country affected by the wait step. I didn't have to use spore burst, though. I kept getting total world infection but a cure would be finished at the last minute and spoil it. To keep you coming back for your genocidal kick, the game offers you plenty of other pathogen options, and among the most fun options is the Plague, Inc. fungus. I've been working very hard on these tutorials for you and appreciate any and all feedback you want to provide. I think the best way to infect people is to upgrade every transmission and then once everyone is infected devolve the transmissions and then use this tutorial, these two ways paired together pretty much guarantee you to win Fungus on normal difficulty. Our Plague Inc. Fungus Guide will walk you through exactly what you need to do to complete the game with fungus on normal difficulty. Use your DNA’s points wisely during this part and will be enough to succeed. ... Just beat normal fungus. This is similar to the "genetic reshuffle" in normal Plague Inc. Make sure to send out your field operatives to specific areas with high infectivity and high non-compliance as having operatives there will improve the disease fighting efforts. It worked! Warning: Fungus is by far the longest game level you will play on Plague Inc. The Fungus plague is the 3rd unlock-able plague. It's time to upgrade the transmissions so we can spread the fungus more effectively. I’ve followed this to the letter and have been unsuccessful in literally 12-15 attempts. The cheats also didn't work for me but i am going to try amit again and not devolve any of the abilities. Also, it can be beneficial because it can speed up the process by refunding 2 DNA points. You can't let it exist for any amount of time. But Carribean just wouldn't get infected! This guide will walk you through exactly all the steps you need to take to spread your fungus across the globe! Devolve any mutated diseases that pop up on the screen. To get to the plague Fungus, clear the plague Virus on at least Normal level difficulty. Can't get it to work, have tried several times, once 8# is completed I'm supposed to do step #9, there are not enough pop up bubbles to get to 70-80 DNA points, DNA rises to a max of 44. Plague Inc: Evolved - Parasite Normal Guide. Virus Normal Guide – Tips on How to Complete! The Fungus plague is the 3rd unlock-able plague. I have been stuck on this level for days. They developed a cure in time. As instructed do this all the way through until step 13. Well, it takes forever, but it actually worked!!! The cure ended up reaching 100% before everyone was even infected, and i even did all the dna reshuffles to try to hold off the cure. Here's a look at where you should be when the infection has spread fully: A small amount of people will be dead, and you should have quite a few DNA points to work with. Fungus Victory achievement in Plague Inc: Evolved: Win a game with Fungus on Normal Difficulty or higher - worth 10 Gamerscore This worked great for me. Then did the insomnia and insanity symptoms. Absolutely amazing…i got score of 5090 by following the steps…for people who have trouble in last country…spend some DNA for one more spore burst…that will guarantee last country infection…save points and immediately run for organ failure and other lethal when no human is safe…you’ll pretty much kill everyone. Not sure why this won’t work for me. Share Your Feedback. Der Prion-Spielmodus in Plague, Inc. ist eine sehr schwierige Herausforderung, vor allem bei Brutal-Schwierigkeit. Doesn't that cost DNA points to devolve? We're upgrading now to finish off one of the Spore Burst trees and to trigger a Spore Eruption. I’m going to start my fungus somewhere crazy ie not in the recommended India China or Saudi Arabia. Great work this was the best guide i have seen on fungus. Casual: 310-365 Days; Normal: 375-425 Days; Brutal: 435-455 Days (Untested) Genetic Code. Please feel free to add your own strategies, tips, and Q&A here: This is a strategy for those who are gunning Transmissions: Air 1 and Livestock 1. So far, fungus is harder than bacteria/virus, I've killed 98% of world population, save for majority of peru, iceland, findalnd and italy. This one is a bit more difficult than the others, and a lot of people seem to have trouble with it. It took 1416 days. Seriously start over and go slow. Award. Thank you soooooo much me and my friend where struggling so much but thanks to you tips we did q, It almost didn’t work out for me. Suggested genes: 1. We say “cure”, as it’s more of a kill-code that deactivates the virus. After everyone is infected, DNA points dry up almost completely, and refunded from infectivity mutations doesn’t provide nearly enough to make the fungus kill faster than the ridiculously quick cure research. I must thank you sir! I followed the instructions exactly several times and modified it a bit several times. I usef a lot of those points+the desolved ones to purchase symptoms and drug resistance. Nausea, and devolve it for a refund of 2 DNA points. It will be a battle to spread your plague fast enough, fight the cure, and kill everyone off (but not too quickly), while also spending DNA points wisely. These are strategically planned traits you need to evolve in order for your fungus to spread. I have been getting some comments from people having trouble completing this with these instructions. This worked great for me. You just have to wait, it can take a while. Symptoms mutate to fast and cost to much. Follow Ndemic Creations on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on the game! Once you've done that, it's time to start ramping up the severity of this fungus! Thanks again you were a big help. I often look at myself after writing a comment on a comment. The cure won of course. Evolve Undulatory Locomotion (2), Corpse Fe… Plague Inc. is a real-time strategy simulation video game, developed and published by UK-based independent games studio Ndemic Creations.The player creates and evolves a pathogen in an effort to annihilate the human population with a deadly pandemic.The game uses an epidemic model with a complex and realistic set of variables to simulate the spread and severity of the plague. Thanks for this! Instead of doing: coughing, sneezing, immune suppression, total organ failure, I did: insomnia, paranoia, inflammation, paralysis, coma, and then total organ failure. Find guides to this achievement here. I’m trying again for sure but it seems to be quite tricky even with these tips and tricks! my issue is that it doesnt say you need the spore blast. Fungus plagues spread so slowly, that you have to be extremely tactical and patient, unlike some of the other plagues where you can just pump up the symptoms and watch everyone die. also provide cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for almost all the PC games. Win a game with Virus on Normal Difficulty or higher 44.5% Rare: 58.95% Common: Fungus Victory Win a game with Fungus on Normal Difficulty or higher 30.0% Rare: 45.34% Uncommon: Parasite Victory Win a game with Parasite on Normal … I was able to get cure 35 % with a score of 10120! I actually skipped steps 1, 3, 5, and 7. It will ask "Do you want to remove this trait? That doesn’t mean you have to give up and let humanity live on in joy and harmony, though. I’m not sure why you’d have such little DNA at that point. Plague Inc: Evolved > General Discussions > Topic Details. And if you have ever wished you could just get people to do what you want? The whole world was infected and they still hadn't prompted a research cure team when I finally won. But I got inpatient and i failed. Worked like a charm, started in Iceland and still worked. Favorite. Any tips? ), Fungus on Normal will be your biggest road block when you first start playing. Author: Ashleign. Abilities: Drug Resistance 1 and Cold Resistance 1. Nano-Virus is an interesting type of plague in Plague Inc., as you begin a game with humanity immediately being aware of it and working double-time to “cure” it. In the end I had to buy more lethal symptoms as the cure was about to catch up, luckily I had around 60 spare DNA points after devolving all the abilities and transmissions. Once you've gathered that up, head to Abilities and upgrade your Heat Resistance 1! This guide is about how to beat the Bacteria scenario on normal or brutal, but without using any gen boosters. This one is a bit more difficult than the others, and a lot of people seem to have trouble with it. In 1,712 days and 72% cure, I won! I’ve been trying to beat this type of disease for a reaaaally long time and finally decided to ask for help and I got it! Thanks tho! I won but it was scary. That doesn’t mean you have to give up and let humanity live on in joy and harmony, though. Unfavorite. Thanks for putting the time into making the tutorial though because it realy helped until step 7. It just takes a longer time but the … These instructions were not specific enough. Beat Cure Mode Fungus on Normal. I started in the US and instead of building my points and then buying the suggested abilities I waited until I had enough to purchase each one individually. Good luck! No, it’s not. I could not beat it and often rage-quit. I’ve managed to infect everyone but the cure hit 100% with only about half the planet dead. Metabolic Jump 2. This will get you out of just India and into a bunch of other countries. You will get 2 DNA points returned" Click Yes. Plague Inc Fungus Casual or Normal. I struggle getting through the normal level and I’m playing on my ipad. Also try to get as much DNA as you can before upgrading your symptoms because if you do upgrade them too slowly then they have enough time to make a cure. Just do not evolve all off them. Fungus sucks like that. There are a few things you need to know before we get started, though. Work to Total Organ Failure. Thanks! Then when i took all my points out of transmission and environment resistance, i put it into genetic hardening 1 and 2. I dont understand step 2. Finally beat this level, thank you! Follow my directions carefully and you will succeed. It is unlocked by finishing the Virus plague in either normal or brutal difficulty( Virus Brutal guide here ). Throughout the game you will come across enemy groups attempting to thwart your master plan. Gamerevolution Wednesday, Parasite - Beat Fungus Plague type on Normal or Brutal Difficulty, OR pay US$0.99 after unlocking Fungus;, Plague Inc: Evolved Trophy Guide Win a game with Fungus on Normal the trophy won't unlock for you without doing Shadow Plague on Mega-Brutal. 2121 days Cure 42% done - on the first try :) Thanks for the walkthrough. This is a Plage Inc Guide for the plague Fungus. It went down to 68%. You have to wait until EVERYONE is infected and devolve EVERY symptom that appears automatically until then. The game itself is very addicting. When playing in Brutal mode, respectively, the tactics remain the same. I did pneumonia track to organ failure. The special ability for the fungus are Spore Burst, Spore Eruption and Spore Hardening. Once you've gathered up 18 more DNA Points, we will want to use those towards upgrading our Drug Resistance ability. Created by. Mad Cow Disease Mega Brutal. This level was driving me up a wall. I was completely stuck on fungus. La difficulté de ce niveau est liée à deux choses. My Authority literally ended at five. Devolving everything ruined it. Once you’ve done that, make sure to get the exact symptoms that are listed, devolve the transmission stuff, and then upgrade the rest. I'm gonna try again. I am on normal difficulty playing the bacteria (1st) level. Evolve these symptoms: Cysts, Hyper sensitivity, and Abscesses, and immediately devolve any other symptoms that mutate. The Fungus plague is so rough because it spreads extremely slowly, so you have to use different tactics to beat this one compared to the other plague … Posted . Video Plague Inc Prion Normal Deutsch Lösung OHNE GENE. Tell me what I might have done wrong! Angel Falls Offline Category: Walkthroughs. Aerocyte and Aquacyte will increase your speed, so they are also recommended. They key to beating the fungus level is keeping the fungus hidden until every last person in the world is infected, … waited for a few yellow bubbles to get extra points then went straight for the organ failure. So a little help for others that may have been making the same mistake I was when I followed through the steps. Plague Inc. Nano-Virus Normal Guide – Tips on How to Complete! There are over seven billions of people living on our planet right now. Please let me know how you did. I won day 1114 With the cure at 54%. Update: I just beat this on brutal first try both times i got a score of 8070 3 bio hazards 78% cure, thank you again! I think this works because at the start you get dna for devolving mutations but at some point you start having to pay so by the time the whole world is infected ... you can’t make lethal mutations. Please read the following rules before commenting: Save my nickname and email in this browser for the next time I comment. By the time I got all the drug abilities back, the cure was at 83% til I got the genetic reshuffle. I had about 54 DNA points before starting step 11 without demoting anything so I got some margin. Doesn’t work well, I tried it multiple times and it did not work. We're taking a detailed look on how-to beat the fungus plague in Plague Inc. Our Plague Inc. Fungus Guide will walk you through exactly what you need to do to complete the game with fungus on normal difficulty. Thanks for this guide I followed it and got it done on Brutal difficulty (with 96% cure developed), This game must have become popular lately ^^, Thanks man! Sometimes you will gain Symptoms as you play the game, you will want to devolve these so they don't make the fungus as obvious to find. It is unlocked by finishing the Virus plague in either normal or brutal difficulty (Virus Brutal guide here). Groenland, Madagascar and Philippines are not infected. Replies. She can be found as enthusiast.mysticalnerdtv on Instagram and mysticalnerd on Twitch. To start us off, we're going to need to place our future deadly fungus into India! Dec 29, 2014 @ 5:21pm. Picking an ideal starting location is essential when playing the fungus in Plague Inc., since it’s such a difficult pathogen to spread. After concluded all those steps, that helps in 99.9% on the way to succeed, verify which country its the last one (the tough one to infect) and evolve your fungus spread syntoms based on the info of this country. The cure should be too slow to create, and once so many people have died they will no longer really be able to do anything about it. I was quite triumfant when I found these tips and tried them after fighting several hours with the same level. Der Fungus ist in Plague Inc. ein schwieriges Level, besonders in der Brutal- Schwierigkeit. It worked! Plague Inc. In Plague Inc. for the Android & iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. Plague Inc. It did, although I did have a few variations. Reply Delete. 4th time I tried it your way I didn't bother with second level hot and cold resistance as it was spreading fine, just slowly. It took me two weeks to build this tutorial and I have finally done it. Because using Cheat Engine to get infinite points will just lead you to "It killed all it's hosts but some healthy people survived!" District 9 Achievement Guide. Thanks for the guide, but I followed it to the letter. Start in China. Transmissions: Bird 1 and Water 1. It works every single time. Took me at least 10 tries to win with fungus on Normal. Thank you for this. Plague Inc. Bacteria Normal Guide – Tips on How to Complete! It's not the hardest, but it is a long, drawn-out process. You play as a disease, and the goal is to end the world before a cure is found.A simple yet innovative concept that is loved by millions of players worldwide. 4,354: Unique Visitors: 49: Current Favorites: Guide Index. Do not devolve any mutated symptoms, devolving them will make you less likely to get more biohazards. 1. It saved a few points. i didn't need to devolve my abilities and transmission stuff and i saved up to around 60-70 dna till i worked up to total organ failure, worked from what you said + insomnia, paranoia, insanity, and coma, This method did not work, they cured that bih so fast and I never get back enough dna for organ failure. It is almost impossible to beat, but with this guide and possibly a few tries, you can beat it. The problem is, they don't have an airport and my fungus doesnt travel with boats. THANK YOU! Answer: Bail out! You’re doing something wrong, I’ve tested this recently. The Fungus plague is very hard to transmit on ships and airplanes, look at its description. Plague Inc. Fungus on Normal Walkthrough. Plague Inc Fungus Normal Tips: How to Keep Winning on Plague Inc Fungus. In Plague Inc Virus im brutalen Modus schlagen. You should be able to do pretty much whatever you want, but the ones I've listed are going to likely be the most reliable. Its Unique ability is Spore Burst, allowing it to infect a random uninfected country. Plague Inc: Evolved by Ndemic Creations is a pandemic simulator and a remake of the original Plague Inc, for PC and consoles. Virus Mega Brutal. Attempt two failed too , trying a third time , I have gotten further . The Necroa Virus is a strange level—it is unlike any other level of Plague Inc. The fungus spreads by releasing spores which have a hard time traveling long distances. One by one, work backward to devolve your abilities and transmissions. Darwinist 5. For anyone doing this on brutal. (Ironic ) this mode has been driving my husband and I crazy for sooo long not being able to beat it! Once you've infected everyone in the world, you can immediately devolve all the Transmissions and Abilities we've added previously. Could i just ask which difficulty you did this on because i did it on normal and it failed because i couldnt get dna points quick enough to beat the cure on step 7. I do apologize. Help. It should be too fast for them to deal with, but make sure to pop any cure bubbles that pop up. Virus on Normal First things first: A virus in this game mutates rapidly and is hard to control. By vassdeniss. Fungus Victory trophy in Plague Inc: Evolved: Win a game with Fungus on Normal Difficulty or higher - worth 15 Trophy XP. Bail out! Didn’t need the second heat resistance or extreme Bioaerosol. Only after it, start to evolve the fatal syntoms. Now that millions are starting to perish, you'll need to slightly be worried about the world finding a cure. Share Your Feedback. Frage beantworten. You must use genes to beat brutal or mega brutal. Share. I'm actually about to vomit i hate this game i cannot pass fungal, This works perfectly but the problem with something working perfectly you have to follow exactly. To devolve, if something appears in the screen, rather something like this: “Nausea has been mutated”, go to Disease, go to Symptoms, find the symptom that has been mutated ex. Guides and Walkthroughs It may take a little longer, but I win every single time. Difficulty: Brutal, Normal or Casual; Time: A 99.99% Win Rate. Hope it is helpful. Thanks for taking the time out to make a well written comment. Plague Inc. Prion Normal Guide – Tips on How-to Beat Prion! There’ll always be a last country hard to infect despite these tips. Anything that helps prevent the cure or kills faster. Pravus demonstrates his strategy for the Fungus in Plague Inc. The fungus is a difficult level on Plague Inc., especially on Brutal difficulty. The fungus spreads by releasing spores which have a hard time traveling long distances. You need to Devolve game generated ones. Next, we'll need to save up 12 DNA to get our next upgrade. We'll need at least 42 DNA Points to accomplish this, and with those left over points you will want to upgrade to Cold Resistance 2! It can save you some points to kill humanity. Becuase otherwise u will die :). Once all the countries are red, check to make sure everyone is infected. With Fungus - use spores to quickly spread to (hopefuly) some key locations and/or islands. Plague Inc. iPhone Cheats. I was never even able to save up enough for the first set of upgrades, 5 times I tried the same 5 times and the same happens always the cure goes fast like once it went from 40 to 95%, 1,556 days with the cure at 58 % complete. Mär Plague Inc.: Neurax-Wurm Plague Inc. spieletipps meint: In diesem Taktikwettlauf gegen die Medizin verbreitet ihr euch als Virus über den Globus und rottet die Menschheit aus. Reserve somewhere around 5 to be able … Fungus Victory achievement in Plague Inc: Evolved: Win a game with Fungus on Normal Difficulty or higher. Finally beat it at day 1554 and 93% cure...i may have jumped the gun a little bit when it was time for total organ failure lol Thank You! Plague Inc. might be a tad glitchy at times but this is almost always because the user did not in fact kill everyone. Those are some common problems that make people complain. I did it! A quick note on Spore Hardening – it does not mean the plague will cross closed borders / seaports, but just increases base transmission by x 100.The description is a lie. (Of course you have), you can now do exactly that! If you're struggling with this, then consider slowing down the speed of the game. Walkthrough Plague Inc. in normal mode, the complexity of the “parasite” - the parasite - is not particularly difficult. Don't waste DNA dots on power-ups that you don't need. last country is always greenland or iceland, and i have them both infected but its being infected so slow. Plague Inc Strategy/Info Guide 1.1 Android Aptoide. Your tutorial worked great. Are you on PC? The main key here is to SAY NO TO SYMPTOMS. If you don't have enough DNA Points, you can devolve some of your Transmission options since you won't need those anymore. I tried this one again only I did it with brutal to see if it work. I'd tried killing of the world with a fungus about 5 different times, these instructions were a success! Es kann schwierig sein, deinen Fungus in anderen Ländern zu verbreiten, und die Forschung nach dem Heilmittel kann schnell voranschreiten. They shouldn’t be developing a cure at all by the time you infect everyone. The fungus plague is a standard plague type and have the same symptoms and transmissions as the bacteria and virus. ive been stuck on fungus for like 2 days and its been driving me nuts. I pretty recommended this strategy but to be honest this game is depend luck i already play this game many time but some of country is still not getting infected. Typo in step 2 of the : ut is 23 and not 21 DNA points, thank you, I fought a mushroom for four hours. Plague Inc. Parasite Normal Guide – Tips on How to Complete! In Plague Inc Prion im brutalen Modus schlagen. ), Fungus on Brutal is probably one of the harder plagues in the game in my opinion. Tip: you can speed up the gameplay by clicking on the calendar in the upper right corner. Plague Inc. Bio-Weapon Normal Guide – Tips on How to Complete! The Fungus plague is very hard to transmit on ships and airplanes, look at its description. Pop all the cure bubbles to slow down the cure, and make sure to continue to add Symptoms as you gain more DNA points.